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  • We are a offer a wide variety of treatments to suit all your sports therapy needs.

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Treatments and Services

We offer a wide variety of treatments to suit your sports therapy needs from massages to sports taping, we've got you covered.

Sports Massage

Clinic: 30 min: £20.00 60 min: £40.00
Mobile: 30 min: £25.00 60 min: £45.00

Sports massage can help relieve tight muscles by separating the muscle fibres and can help the recovery from injury. Sports massage is used pre-event to help increase blood flow to the area and help decrease tightness in the muscles to ensure the athlete has full range of motion. Post event massage can help to flush out lactic acid from the muscles resulting in reduced muscle soreness after exercise. It can also help the muscles return to a relaxed state and aid an athlete's warm down.

Injury Assessment and Treatment

Clinic: £40.00
Mobile: £45.00

During an injury assessment the joints, muscles and ligaments of the problem area will be tested to help find the cause of the problem and the best way to treat it.

Rehabilitation Exercise Plans

Clinic: £20.00
Mobile: £20.00

Correct rehabilitation is crucial for quick recovery and prevention of further injuries. Rehabilitation exercise plans will be tailored to your everyday and sporting needs to ensure that you can return to your sport/job at the best of your ability.

One to One Rehabilitation Session

Clinic: £30.00
Mobile: £35.00

A one to one rehabilitation session can help you push yourself that extra mile with motivation and encouragement from the therapist. You will also benefit from detailed practical demonstrations and consistent instruction to ensure that you are getting the most out of the exercises.

Sports Taping

Clinic: £3 per area

Sports taping can help provide structural support to joints to prevent injuries during exercise. K Taping can also be used to target specific muscles to encourage better muscle function and increase lymphatic/blood flow to the area.

Pitch Side First Aid


A crucial element of sport is ensuring that there is a qualified First Aider present pitch side. The therapist will deal with any injuries or emergencies on the pitch to ensure that every player/athlete is safe.

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